Watch Repair Services

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We do NOT work on Replica's.

Work Order Form and Prices Must be mailed with your watch!

The below info is estimates. If we can do it cheaper than we will. 
Case Refinishing
___Polished/Brushed $75 and up
Bracelet Refinishing
___Polished/Brushed $65 and up
Movement Servicing
___Quartz base price / estimate/ depends/most quartz cannot be fixed,
The movement needs to be evaluated to create estimate.
___Manual wind/auto base price $155 and up
___Chronograph base price $300
___Omega, IWC, Breitling $225
___Omega Chronograph base price $380
___Rolex service $325
___Panerai Unitas $200
___Panerai Valjoux 7750 $355
___Lemania 5100 $350
Movement service prices do not include parts if necessary. Additional complications such as moon phase, special
calendar works, power reserve etc. may incur up charges.
Pressure Test
___Water resistance testing to 300 meters $40 (Included with crystal install and major modification work) We do not certify watches for diving, only verify a watch at the rated water resistance up to 300 meters for owner peace of mind.
Crystal Install
___Crystal and or crystal gasket replacement - $35 (crystal and gasket if needed are not included). This does not include Rolex.
Dial/hands Install
___Hands installation / replacement/ alignment/ dial installation. Includes pressure test. $75

When work is completed we will send you an invoice.
ATTENTION: We recommend Pressure Testing ALL Diver Watches, if you choose NOT to do this then we can NOT warranty any work done.