Toxic BLACK out N8Os

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If you are not in the “know” our straps don’t take any sh!t! They are made to with stand whatever you throw at them, and then ask for more. So if you want a custom strap with super trick angled hardware, these are the ones for you. They are a tightly woven 1.2mm nylon strap, with plated matte black hardware. All of the keepers are sewn in, so that they stay where they are supposed to be. We make them in 20-22mm, 280mm long (11.4 inches), with 13 buckles holes for multiple adjustments. All of our straps heat sealed so that it minimizes fraying.

One of kind, and ornery as hell (like my wife)!

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NOTE: These are nylon, so it is not uncommon to have some fraying after heavy use. Just run a flame near those areas and it will seal the nylon. Do NOT apply the flame directly to the nylon or it will burn/discolor it. 

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