Toxic TOUGH sh!t ZULUz

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What is Toxic TOUGH shi!t? Well simple it is the toughest sh!t we could find, made into a strap. These are the "Clint E" of the strap kingdom. So they take no sh!t from anyone!

These straps are 1.4mm thick ballistic nylon, with 3 stainless steel rings. The hardware is sewn in, and the buckle holes are heat sealed. Currently the version we have is 267mm long (about 10.5 inches).

There isn't anything else you can do to these straps to improved them.

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NOTE: These are nylon, so it is not uncommon to have some fraying after heavy use. Just run a flame near those areas and it will seal the nylon. Do NOT apply the flame directly to the nylon or it will burn/discolor it. 

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