Toxic CRC (Colorectal Cancer) Benefit strap

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This is a custom CRC strap that my wife wanted us to make. She recently went through the CRC journey, and we wanted to give back. We will give 30% of the proceeds to a CRC benefit that she picks out.

This strap is 1.4mm thick, 13 buckle holes, brushed angled hardware, 290mm long and available in 20-22mm. The nylon weave on this one is really robust like our Toxic TOUGH shit, but in a N8O style. My wife did not want gaudy branding or colors that would keep you from using it as a daily strap. So she picked the official CRC blue pantone that is used.

This strap is like my wife, tough as nails, able to kick a$$ and take names! So who wouldn't want a strap like that!!! 

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NOTE: These are nylon, so it is not uncommon to have some fraying after heavy use. Just run a flame over those areas and it will seal the nylon.

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