Toxic BUTTA' N8Os

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It started with the LE VERSO/BOND, and I fell in love with the super plush nylon (soft as BUTTA'). So now I have it in black, and grey. These straps are way plusher than my normal offerings, and super pliable at 1.4mm thick. They are 11 inches long, with 13 buckles holes, they are only available in 20-22mm. All of the holes are seam welded, the keepers are 4.37mm thick, brushed finish with squared off corners. Will fit a wrist from 6.25" up.

I would not use this strap for kicking down doors, and doing super bad a$$ SEAL Team sh!t. But it would be great for banging on the keyboard everyday, so you can buy the next bad a$$ watch to hit the market.

Theses straps are the terry cloth robe version of the watch strap kingdom!!!!! So go get your bedroom slippers, and relax with one of these outstanding, one-off straps!

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NOTE: These are nylon, so it is not uncommon to have some fraying after heavy use. Just run a flame near those areas and it will seal the nylon. Do NOT apply the flame directly to the nylon or it will burn/discolor it. 

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