Toxic Admiralty (blue/gray) N8Os

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This is a new pimp a$$ color we wanted to try out, but we wanted it to be tough as freaking nails! So the Toxic Admiralty (blue/gray in color) was born. But don't get confused, this isn't like the everyday versions currently on the market. This is TOXIC approved!!!

This strap is 1.4mm thick, 13 buckle holes, brushed angled hardware, 290mm long, and 20-22mm wide ONLY. The nylon weave on this one is really robust like our Toxic TOUGH shit, but in a N8O style.

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NOTE: These are nylon, so it is not uncommon to have some fraying after heavy use. Just run a flame near those areas and it will seal the nylon. Do NOT apply the flame directly to the nylon or it will burn/discolor it. 

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