Toxic Apple strap adapter KIT!

Regular price $ 20.00

Hey gang due to our ever growing needs of our customers we decided to offer some SS (stainless steel), and PVD (plasma coating deposition) apple strap adapters. We are carrying these in 38mm and 42mm. The 38mm adapters use a 20mm strap, while the 42mm adapters use a 24mm strap. Our adapters have drilled lugs, which make spring bar/strap removal super easy.

Just a heads up, we are taking this one step forward. These adapters are offered in a "kit". This "kit" comes with one set of adapters (pvd or ss), (2) sets of spring bars, and a ToxicNATOs spring bar tool. The spring bar tool is a aluminum tool, with screw on caps, which is perfect for traveling.