Toxic ROLLIE Spring bar

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These are one of the best aftermarket spring bars made for Rolex's. They are TOXIC spring bars so they don't make excuses, they do what they are designed to do. So if you want some tough a$$ spring bars, then these are the ones for you. Don't waste your money on crap.

OEM style ROLEX spring bars part #23-9291 20mm x 2mm X 1.2mm ends. FOR WATCHES WITH DRILLED LUGS ONLY.They are sold in pairs only. Fits Case Numbers: 1675, 1680, 5513,16550, 16570, 16600, 16610, 16613, 16660, 16700, 16710, 16713, 16750, 16753, 16760, 16800, 16803.

These will also work on the Seiko MM SBDX001 or any Seiko with drilled lugs and 1.2mm ends.

Our second set is the aftermarket OEM style Rolex spring bars part #925-5 20mm x 1.8mm x .9mm ends. FOR WATCHES WITH DRILLED LUGS ONLY.They are sold in pairs only.

They are 316L or 304 stainless steel, accept no substitutes!

They will fit, Seiko, Rolex, Sinn, Damasko, Citizen, MKII, Luminox, Omega, Tudor, Breitling, Bulova, Hamilton, Lum-Tec, etc.

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