Aegir roller buckles one-off ON SALE NOW!

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Todd's description: "Each buckle is CNC cut from 316L Stainless Steel.

Any tool marks, deburring of the parts and all finishing is done entirely by hand with no machines or rotary tools of any kind and each buckle takes approx 3 hours to produce from start to finish.

At this time Aegir Watches will be offering the buckles in 22/24mm options in brushed finish and a 22mm version in polished finish.

Due to the length of time it takes to produce a buckle and being small parts to hold when working on, polished will need to be done in a polisher machine which I have ordered but waiting on.

The pin size is 3mm, so please check the suitability of a strap you intend to mount it on, as not all straps will fit a 3mm pin. It is possible that with brushed finish a flaw in the brushing could be present, however I do take all the time and care needed to eliminate this best I can.''

*The canvas/leather strap in the pics below are from DrunkArtStraps. Pics are from my buddy Landon.

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