About Us

 Hey, everyone - Terry from ToxicNATOs here. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our nylon watch straps and all the other awesome products I carry here on the site. We believe in beautifully designed, functional products. ToxicNATOs strives to deliver the highest-quality straps, at an affordable price. 

I’ve always thought it was important to have a connection with anyone I do business with - whether they were a one time customer or a frequent nylon watch strap-aholic. So you’ll find some background information on myself and ToxicNATOs below.

The Beginning:

ToxicNATOs has been doing its thing for going on 3 years now. I started by selling only one nylon watch strap back in the day and now we have over 35 different products (plus we’ve branched out of nylon straps into rubber straps, spring bars, and even online watch repair). But I’m going to level with everyone - I don’t have an eCommerce background or even a sales background. I’m an Army Vet and after my tour in Iraq I ended up working for the military on the civilian side.

I’ve been into watches for quite some time but funnily enough I was never really a fan of nylon straps. Eventually one of my pals talked me into buying a nylon strap from one retailer in particular. I figured what the hell and placed an order - pretty quickly the whole experience turned sour.

Not only was the strap itself rotten quality, the retailer had such poor customer service. After a few interactions with them I was left with a bad quality strap and the crappy taste of low quality customer service in my mouth.

“Hell, I can do better than these clowns,” I said to my wife.
“Well, ok - do it,” she said back. And that was the spark that kindled ToxicNATOs.

Like I said I didn’t have a background in sales or anything like this back then. But I knew exactly what I wanted my goal to be: give all of you here on ToxicNATOs the best nylon watch straps for the money and an equally awesome customer service experience. With that goal I worked my way backwards and put all my blood sweat and tears into TN.

 A Day at ToxicNATOs:

I’m always learning and growing at TN. Days often start out by answering emails from folks curious about our nylon watch straps and other products. It’s a great way to start the day since most of the time messages will be from people new to the watch world who are wondering what strap would be best for them (always happy to help folks with these questions - contact us here). After that I’m filling out orders until about mid-day, which ends with me at the post office getting orders shipped out so they arrive to their new homes as quickly as possible. Then after that I’m back interacting with customers and the watchfam on email, Instagram, and the forums.

The day to day here at ToxicNATOs sometimes also involves speaking with our manufacturers. I always want to make sure that we’re on the same page because that’s how you can ensure that your quality expectations are being met, which is how you’re able to make sure the customers expectations are being met. The truth is that if you’re hands off with your manufacturers than they can often make decisions on product specifications, which can sometimes not be in the best interest of my business or my customers. So by making sure I work regular communication with the manufacturers into my day-to-day

The Future:

I have to tell all of you - the future’s looking bright for ToxicNATOs. We’re going to be adding more awesome products, but more importantly I’m looking to be more integrated with customers and folks who come to the site. There will be more information available here on product specifications, strap care, sizing - everything. That way people can get the information they want immediately without waiting (who doesn’t hate waiting?).

The other bright part of our future is expanding our online watch repair service. I currently have 3 watchmakers that I use for TN. They all have different talents and skills so we’re able to handle any repair, service, or mod request that comes in the door (well, mailbox really). In the future I want to expand on these repair services more and even improve the turnaround times.

If you have any questions please reach out and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. ToxicNATOs is proud to be a veteran owned, small family business based in beautiful sunny Colorado Springs.

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