My Nato is too thick, so my watch sits to high!!! How do I fix that??

Posted by TERRY williams on

This is a common complaint even for myself. So a friend of mine who is a strap maker (Art at Drunk Art Straps) said why don't you circumcise it??? I was like what the hell are you talking about??? Here is the deal, you really don't need the extra nylon on the back of the strap. At one time it was said the extra piece of nylon was to hang your watch up on a hook while you sleep. Well I don't "hang" my watch, I wear my watch. So time for it get circumcised!!!

One thing I stress about this mod, is do NOT do it if the hardware on the strap is not sewn in. If it isn't and you cut the extra nylon off, then it might l weaken that welded nylon material around the hardware. So check your strap before continuing. Next make sure you use a heat source (lighter) to seal the area you cut. That way your nylon strap doesn't start to fray.

If you have any questions then let me know.

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