Cheap watch straps, what's the deal with them?

Posted by TERRY williams on

So what is the deal with ebay/aliexpress and other cheap nato straps, are they worth their price?

Good question, but it can be very subjective also. But here is my take on them. They serve a purpose, and that is a super cheap fix, and that is all. You are buying a product that might have been a rejected piece in assembly, or just a poorly made product.

When they are shipped from China they know you are not going to send it back to them for a refund if there is an issue, and that is because shipping back to China is expensive. Part of the refund policy is “you have to ship it back to the seller”.

Research/testing/quality control are things that a vendor (unless they are just a middle man and don’t care about what they are selling) uses to ensure they provide the best product for the price. So these factors into the cost of the strap. Not including advertisement/web store/packaging/etc.

So when you buy a nato strap from ToxicNAT0s it is a product we stand behind, we did NOT take short cuts in the process of delivering the best product for the price.


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