Why 4 different flavors of a Bond style nato strap?

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This is something I would ponder if I came to someone's site also, and here is my take on it. Every one of them has different attributes. The ToxicDUO version is a two piece version with rounded hardware that works great if you don't like the extra layer of nylon that the regular ToxicNATOs have. Where the ToxicNEWcrap 009 is more like our tighter weave traditional nylon, it also has the aggressive angled hardware on it for taking any abuse you can throw at it. Now ToxicVERSO and ToxicBOND are two totally different straps from the other two I mentioned above. One has the colors reversed and both them have a wider hardware. To top it off these two have a loosely woven nylon that is the "pimp daddy" of comfort. They actually feel broken in right away like a pair of bedroom slippers. They can't be beaten in that category.

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  • Nice breakdown, I just ordered a ToxicNEWcrap and can’t wait to try it out. I’ve owned dozens of nato straps and it seems on the softer, cotton-like straps the tongue holes stretch out too quickly for my liking.

    Jamie on

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